Amine Gas Sweetening Systems

Hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, mercaptans and other contaminants are often found in natural gas streams. H2S is a highly toxic gas that is corrosive to carbon steels. CO2is also corrosive in the presence of water to equipment and reduces the BTU value of gas.


Our field proven gas sweetening system remove these contaminants so the gas is suitable for transportation and further use.

Howe Baker designs and manufactures a variety of gas sweetening systems, including amine systems. Howe Baker offers a number of amine solvents that remove the contaminants by chemical reaction. Custom and standard designs are available to meet any gas sweetening challenge in the industry.

Our specially engineered systems:

  • Amine contactor tower
  • Reboiler/surge tank
  • Reflux condenser/solution cooler
  • Reflux accumulator
  • Reflux pump(s)
  • Main solvent pump(s)
  • Solvent booster pump(s)
  • Full flow filter for rich solvent
  • Activated Carbon filter
  • Control panel (s)


Amine Advantages

  • Wide Range of Flexibility
  • Capable of Slipping CO2
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Well Proven
  • Suitable For High Acid Gas Removal
Amine Disadvantages  
  • H2S Emissions
  • Amine Is Easily Contaminated
  • Corrosion From Amine Degradation
  • Complex Operation
  • High Initial Capital Cost









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