Induced Gas Flotation

The ImMax IGcell technology is an impeller type induced gas flotation system which is used for oily water treatment removing oil from water, such as refinery effluent, desalter effluent, condensate, cooling water and produced water for both onshore and offshore applications. This system benefits from unparalleled mechanical flotation with minimal skim rate and easy maintenance.

Fluid enters the vessel through the inlet cell and passes sequentially through each of the four flotation cells. Each cell is equipped with turbine producing finely disseminated bubbles. Small dispersed bubbles of gas rising through oil/solid contaminated water and attach themselves to oil droplets accelerating their path to the surface where oil layer builds up and skimmed off.

The ReMax IGcell is a hydraulic type induced gas flotation wastewater enters the first cell, where clean effluent is injected under pressure. Inside the cell, a venturi creates a locally low-pressure area. Air/gases sucked in from above the water level in the cell and injected along with the clean effluent below the liquid level. Bubbles are thus created, to which the impurities attach themselves and float to the surface, forming a froth which is skimmed off.

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