Indirect Fired Heater

Howe baker heaters are designed to heat a process fluid passing through a manifold coil 'indirectly' using a common bath of water or water glycol mixture. This ensures uniform and safe operation avoiding hot spots where the process fluid could be degraded or cooked.

Howe Baker heaters are designed according to API 12K and feature an expansion tank to absorb excess water pressure, which can be caused by thermal expansion.


  • Crude oil preheat to separators or desalters
  • Crude oil preheat between head and pipeline
  • Heating gas from the well to prevent hydrocarbon hydrate formation
  • Fuel gas dew point control systems associated with gas turbine power plants
  • Heating high pressure hydrocarbon gas streams at pressure reduction stations
  • Liquid/gas vaporisation.
  • Reboiler and stabiliser process heater
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